Adding Depth to a mural

I’ve worked on art projects in the past that have included digitally printed prints cut from and laid over another substrate or hidden image. Those were cool, but I must say, the concept outlined over at from is really something.



They’ve used digitally printed murals of unique furniture, but have not been scared to cut them to pieces, and overlay them onto moveable doors.

Obviously these are tailored for those with small living spaces, but the concept in relation to division and revelation of new layers is exciting.


At Lateral Art, we’ve had the opportunity to work with custom cutting houses that cut Aluminum Letters, Sintra, and of course digitally printed items out for us.

What about two layers of murals, one cut to pieces with an intricate pattern, revealing the other behind, but 6 to 12 inches away. As the visitor walks from one viewpoint to the next, the back/revealed image keeps changing. Kind of like a massive lenticular.

We’re up to that challenge, we only need that target wall. Do you have a good application?

I Love the bird cages

In the mural business, we often check out what other people are doing.  I found this great bird cage mural in a restaurant.  The simple lines add uniformity and really fill the wide open space, and they also do well to the open rafters/faux rafters up above.

One thing to note – the decorator for this project was thinking ahead in his or her combination of the mural with the well matched chosen lighting.  It’s not a trivial task to line up mural positions with other wall objects.  One has to pay particular attention to HOW the installer deals with the bleed of the mural.

If 6″ of bleed was provided here in the install, but the installer just lined the left hand edge of the mural with the left hand edge of the bleed, the entire mural could be off by 6″ away from any electrical junction boxes.  A critical error.  It’s very important to clarify to an installer HOW to deal with provided bleed, and HOW to deal with other objects.

Using Color Themes for Designs

I’ve recently come across a fun new tool from the design professionals at Adobe. It’s Kuler.

Kuler is an online respository of color themes that are sorted and voted on – a little Web 2.0 community for color enthusiasts. We’ve utilizied this tool when creating new murals, and are happy to use it again based on client request.

This tool is excellent for pulling up new ideas for mural use, as well as other A&D and printing projects, however one has to be cautioned that the colors here are not necessarily printable. Some colors are outside of the printing capability of many wide format printers. Color problems often occur with very light colors, very dark colors, greens, oranges, and flourescents/neons.


Wall Finish Requirements for Wall Murals

You will impress your client if you can speak their language – speak about expectations for the target wall before the mural is installed.  To speak intelligently about this concept, refer to the guidelines that I have referenced below.

The below list is a creation from several associations, including: the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries International (AWCI), the Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA), the Gypsum Association (GA), and the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA).

(Levels 1-2 omitted due to irrelevance in this discussion) [Read more…]

Collage murals Guidelines

When you follow these three basic rules to collage design, you will provide your clients with decent looking images.


Resolution Consistency

A collage can look extremely inconsistent if you utilize source images with varying resolutions.  Mismatched cropping techniques can yield a similar unfortunate effect.  It’s best to match resolution whenever possible.  If this cannot be done, consider the unthinkable and downgrade your highest resolution image to the lower common resolution, and then enlarge (interpolate) all of the images up to the desired resolution together.  I use Genuine Fractals for my interpolation needs – expect a  review of that product within this blog within the next few months. [Read more…]