Mural Artist Barbara Harmon

I came across the work of Barbara Harmon.  She is a mural artist who specializes in drawing animals.  I must say, she has much more skill than I have, or at the very least, MUCH more time!

She created a series of blog posts outlining her work for Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge– the mural that I like is the night time mural.  Very dark in its design, the mural is installed with spotlights on specific elements of the piece- increasing the highlight of target areas – in this case, night animals.  At the link you can see all the details close up.

Night Mural Assabet
Night Time Mural of Assabet River Wildlife

Often times you have to work around light, audio, plumbing and security features of a wall when considering a wall mural- but in this case she uses light, and (if you read) sound to augment and bring the mural to life.

Kudos to Barbara.

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