Unlikely places for murals to show up.

202-bigapple13 500x716Now I don’t look over the pond very often, but when I do, it’s usually for good reason. TEO JASMIN , a Paris interior design company, has set themselves apart from their regular competition with a unique twist on digital printing.

The interior design firms that I often work with go through the effort of matching this wall surface treatment, with that floor surface treatment, to that fabric, etc… but TEO JASMIN has made the effort to create their own surface treatment by usiing imagery USUALLY suited for wall murals as the surfaces of not simply wall art, but fabrics and furniture.

I do believe that their use of digital printing makes the objects that are found in a room, whether it be a chair, a pillow, or a throw, as something to be stared at.

Can’t you see having your next party and having your throw pillows be the topic of discussion? Ha!

204-ToitsDeParis 500x716

903-UnionJack-blanc 500x716


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